A safe place where men’s health matters

Galangoor provides a safe and friendly environment for men to access relevant health and wellbeing services and appropriate support.

Men’s health is not just about physical illness, it’s about making healthy lifestyle choices too – like trying to eliminate habits such as heavy drinking and smoking, better eating and getting more exercise, through to looking after your mental health.

Galangoor has a diverse range of men’s health services, and offers a number of health education programs and activities throughout the year for men to participate in:

  • Men’s Health Checks
  • Referrals to Medical Specialists and/or other services
  • Mental Health/Social and Emotional Wellbeing
  • Sexual Health
  • Drug and Alcohol Services
  • Parenting and Family Support
  • Men’s Group
  • Work It Out
  • Deadly Choices Healthy Lifestyles & DC Fit
  • Movember
  • Community Sporting Events