At Galangoor Duwalami Healthcare, we are invested in keeping the Indigenous community of the Fraser Coast healthy … now and in the future. We want to create an environment where people can live well, stay well and manage well. Our key Strategic Priority over the next 5 years is to expand and improve our Model of Care in ways that will:
  • Help people to better understand their health and manage their care.
  • Encourage individuals, their family and carers to be active participants, collectively responsible for improving health outcomes.
  • Support our most vulnerable clients and effectively address their complex care needs.
  • Provide a system that is easy to understand and navigate, and has help available to support every individual’s journey across the healthcare continuum – from prevention and early intervention, through to management of chronic disease.
strategic-priorities Galangoor is confident of progress in these four core areas and excited about what the future holds. It is our hope that in the future our community members will say… “I trust Galangoor to get the treatment, care and support that is best for me, my family and my life.”