A deadly choice is a healthy choice

Galangoor proudly works in partnership with Deadly Choices to deliver healthy lifestyle education programs developed to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to make healthy choices for themselves and their families.


We want our mob to make healthy choices include stopping smoking, eating good food and exercising daily. Deadly Choices also encourages our people to complete their annual ‘Health Check’, and be healthy role models for family, friends and others in their wider community.

Our Deadly Choices team promotes preventive health messages to schools and the community with a range of educational, sporting, cultural and nutritional activities.

Deadly Choices activities include:

  • Tobacco Cessation Programs
  • Cooking Programs (Good Quick Tukka)
  • Exercise Programs (Work It Out and DC Fit)
  • Education Programs (Healthy Lifestyles)
  • Schools Programs (touch football tournaments, school holiday activities and more)

To find out more about Deadly Choices, head directly to https://deadlychoices.com.au/